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Default Re: Possible concern with "new" partial project... gas tank fitting connection?

Shows how "with it" I am right now....didn't even look at that post well enough to see that it was relating to machine thread. Yes, non-tapering thread for fuel? Definitely a gasket if I were to use those outside threads.

I should have no problem gently running a tap in there tomorrow and cut some 1/8" FNPT threads and run a threaded barb into it.

I wouldn't even try to use JBWeld on those tapered threads, but I'd definitely either use the teflon or pipe compound on the threads just as a backup... unless you have another suggestion. Obviously, I don't want to risk my safety over a $10 "correct" petcock, but this isn't my real project bike, so id rather just use what I can here rather than sinking in more money than I have to.

Thanks yet again,
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