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Default Re: Possible concern with "new" partial project... gas tank fitting connection?

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
The thread is 10 mm 1.0 on the China Girl kit tanks.
Listen to the man. It is a machine thread, not a tapered NPT pipe thread. It needs a washer to seal.

If you're careful you can run a 1/8" pipe tap into the threads and a standard NPT (National Pipe Thread) petcock will thread into it. The trick is to not run the tap in too deep.

Your other option is to buy a petcock from a vendor who sells the Chinese kits. It still will require a gasket, typically the dime sized red one that comes in the kits, to seal the petcock against the tank.
Do not rely on teflon tape or thread sealing compound for a leakproof seal. And please don't use any glue like JB Weld.

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