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Default Possible concern with "new" partial project... gas tank fitting connection?

Hi everyone,

My first foray into putting together a motorized bike for some distraction from current things going on is the bike I bought as a partial project in a package deal, detaiped here:

I've been cleaning it up and rewiring the motor, igniton coil and the kill switch and I have my fuel line all set and 85% built with good pinch clamps on all connections, higher capacity (lawnmower) fuel filter and a simple lawnmower fuel cutoff valve all connected up. Purchased a new half gallon tank on Ebay, which arrived today. Unfortunately, when I opened it up this afternoon, I noticed the threaded connection on the tail of the gas tank but the threading has me baffled....

I figured it would have had a threaded barbed connector included, but it didn't. Looking at it, the threading appears to have a compression thread (fine), but that wouldn't make sense and it doesn't appear to be 1/4" or 3/8" npt either.

This is the "standard" ebay/ kit tank from what I can tell, and I'm hoping it's not some foreign metric connection that I'm going to have a probpem tracking down... I would think that others here have run into the same problem, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.

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