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Default Re: New member needs help w/ 48cc 4-stroke (chinese)

I haven't tested for spark yet, but the plug is an NGK-R. I think its a pretty high quality. Not sure if I should change it or just try to clean it...any advice?

What do you think about the air filter? It looks kind of beat-up, and some gas got on it. Should I replace it or can I clean it? I have one of those K&N filter cleaning and re-oil kits. Is this the same kind of filter?

Does anybody know what this red switch does?

Here is a list of stuff I've compiled for order: I found this place called that seems to have a lot of the parts i need.

43cc/49cc chrome cone air filter kit $29.00 USD
12v Charger for Gas Scooter (round plug) $16.00 USD
4stroke Fuel Line green- $15.00 USD
4-stroke Carburetor Bowl Gasket (PZ-16) $3.30 USD
NGK Spark Plug (C7HSA)(1st class mail) $7.50 USD
4-Stroke Battery, 12v, 4ah $41.00 USD
4-stroke Oil Drain Bolt (magnetic) $7.00 USD
50cc Complete Gasket set $20.60 USD
Subtotal: $139.40 USD
Shipping & Handling: $6.00 USD

A lot more than I want to spend (I think you can buy this entire atv brand-new for ~$350). Hoping I can re-use the air filter, spark plug, and the intake manifold gasket. I need a new battery as this one is swollen...I guess I also need the charger. I'm assuming its probably a good idea to change the fuel line, and I also need a fuel filter, but this place doesn't sell them (or I didn't see it).

Do these things have oil filters? Can I change the oil w/ some Mobil 1 synthetic 5W-30 that I have? What is recommended?

Please advise on what I should salvage, and what I should purchase. Also if I should look elsewhere for better deals...I don't mind buying from multiple places or going by an auto parts store. I'm trying to keep this project as cheap as possible.

Thanks again!

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