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Default Re: New member needs help w/ 48cc 4-stroke (chinese)

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
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Originally Posted by Saddletramp1200 View Post
If the hose is on the bottom of the bowl it's a drain line. There will be a screw to open it.
It's a china bike, used to sell them. Check the jets as others have said, check the gas tank for flow. It should run. Those little starter motors are very fragile. Take it t an electric motor person. also do not over tighten it. The metal is weak and will break.
The little starter motor seems to be working fine. First I removed it and hot wired it directly to my car battery, and it came to life. Then I re-installed it and worked backwards through the starter switch assembly trying to figure out why the starter button didn't make it spin. There was a pair of wires going to the rear of the vehicle that were broken off. After I completely disassembled what appeared to be some kind of relay switch I determined that it was an electric magnet. Put current to the coil and the metal plunger drops which allows current to flow across the large copper contacts to the starter. I got that back together and working fine. Now I can push the button, and the engine spins...YAY! My 1st small victory.

I was pretty excited to just get that figured out, so even though it was after dark, I went and got a gallon of gas. As I tried to crank it we noticed the gas leak. I have no idea if any of the gas is making it into the engine or if it's all leaking out of this broken hose.

Once I get the hose situation figured out, and get the carb cleaned up a bit I think it'll be time to test for spark.
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