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Default Re: New member needs help w/ 48cc 4-stroke (chinese)

From the bottom of the fuel tank there is a small piece of hose going into the top of the 'float bowl' as you guys call it (I just thought it was a fuel filter previously). From the bottom of the float bowl there is another small piece of hose going into the carb assembly. On the other side of the carb assembly, near the bottom of the carb, there is another hose coming out. This hose is broken off. When I put fuel in the tank, and tried to start it last night my wife noticed the fuel on the floor. I found the fuel coming out fairly quickly out of this broken hose. The hose was too hard to pinch shut, so I pulled it off, and used a plastic bag and ty-wrap to stop the leakage.

I'll take some pics tonight, and post them up, so you can better see what I'm taking about.
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