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Default Re: Broken Intake stud

Originally Posted by bumleg View Post
bolts will work.
studs are prefered in alluminum though due to the possibility of stripping when loosening or tightening
Studs are always gonna own bolts. Like when you stud a head on a engine. Bolts only push a object to something, the oject can only go so far before the bolt begins to pull threads. A stud clamps/pulls from both directions, forcing the parts together differently. I always use ARP headstuds on my engine builds when possible. Most ppl are to cheap to payout for a set but I find the worth it, on a car put together for racing where the head will be removed frequently.

Ive decided to source my intake/exhaust studs from honda intake manifolds. They use 3-4 studs dependind on the model, and they are the same thread and metric at that. Im sure i know a model that has some that will work. I had no luck finding any studs at Advance auto or Northern Tool. This engine's fasteners will be bullet-proof when im done.

Planning to look in to this for ideas.
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