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Default Re: So my bike tried to kill me

Excerpt from my thread posts 128 and 129, avoiding damaging your bike and yourself too.

"With previewing the trail with a friends Yamaha 125 I was thinking it may be too much for my Briggs motor bike going back up the trail as the incline was a bit. The bumps were not to bad and the loose gravel on the trail you had room to go around usually.

I was cautious to where I turned around so that I had a running start. It did it fine. By the way there were some trails that I would get so far and just turn around. This even on the Yamaha 125 I would not have attempted. I'm not that good a rider. I saw a gully about 10 feet down and 25 feet across and knew the machine could handle it, but even if you fell and were OK, how to get enough running start when the flat on the bottom of the gully was only 3 feet across!

I guess in that case you use the engine to get it out while you walk besides the bike, your boots hopefully grabbing as well as the bikes knobby tires.

I know I did that with a 350 street bike when getting in an enormous pot hole on a less than well maintained city street. Then I had to stop for a red light and when I stopped my feet could not touch the ground. I had evaded falling over all the way, but there was no way to hop back on while in a rut."

Looks silly walking besides a motorcycle with your hands on the throttle climbing out of a big pot hole on a city street


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