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Default Re: So my bike tried to kill me

It is my humble opinion that potholes are a VERY underestimated safety hazard. I drive like somebody's grandpa on roads I know to be full of them. My old Higgins has surprisingly good rake and trail combination and, with the engine lowering the center of gravity a bit, I can weave and dodge pretty easily. But I've grown to hate potholes.
To give you an idea how much: when I lived in Cleveland one of the cars I drove was a gigantic '79 New Yorker. It was no good for dodging on short notice. I was heading home driving up Mayfield Road when I saw a "sinkhole wannabe" coming up quick. No room to swerve, no time to brake nearly enough, so I braced myself. It was big enough to stop my barge dead! Front driver's-side wheel sank to the frame, and the ball joint snapped. And my steering wheel pile drove me. Tie rod was messed up too. Battery jumped loose of its holder. And all the trash that was in the back was in the front. It was a mess. Cost me plenty to fix everything. I mucking HATE potholes.

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