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I got into these after losing my driver license, and boy are they fun. In Idaho, we may run under the moped (title code 49-114, 9a for internal combustion, 49-114, 9b for electric) exemption. No title, registration, insurance, drivers license, or motorcycle endorsement required. But you must have headlight, taillight, brakelight, rear view mirror, and a horn to comply with vehicle safety standards. Also you must operate in traffic lanes like you are on a Harley. Motoring in the bike lane is a misdemeanor. I learned the hard way by getting ticketed, going to court, paying an attorney, and paying fines for FMVSS and Operating Motorized in bike path or lane. Whoops. So I looked into state statutes and put a 12 volt system on my bike for the lights and horn. I always carry a copy of title code 49 on the bike for the uneducated Boise police officers(they are the ones that pull me over, the Ada County Sherriffs don't bother) so I can review state law with them, and explain that now I know them they don't need to bother me again. Each cop gets one stop, I must know twenty of them now. Once I show them that mine is up to code, they are usually quite friendly. I love this forum. It has been a great help to me. I will post pics of my builds when I can. Thanks!
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