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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

just the normal stuff i guess, i get kits from DAX and they are packed well, obviously inventoried, and in great shape. I received this kit missing the wide crank kit, the engine mounting bolts were bent(because they sat on the bottom of the box partialy threaded with the weight of the engine on them) the exhaust pipe appeared to be rewelded at the manifold and the muffler then spray painted silver, horrible! then i look into the exhaust port and can see where the engine had been run before. The gearbox was packed full of grease(maybe a good thing). A call to them yesterday and they sent out the crank kit and new muffler. Was told they prob test ran the engine at the factory, that they couldnt sell a used engine! I guess we'll see once i crank it up. oh and none of the hardware had proper sizing, like a ten mm bolt would be loose in a 10mm wrench and a 9mm would be to small so when you cranked on a bolt to tighten it would just slip. A six pointed socket did work better. Just poor quality all around. If it runs well and the gearbox functions I will be a happy camper. I replace all the hardware on all my builds anyway. maybe i was expecting too much for 400 bucks! Time will tell, i'll keep you updated. At the same time im building a board track bike with a dax and thats keeping me sane!
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