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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

When I got home the other day after a pot-hole filled ride I had a rim full of spaghetti under me, so I pulled the rear wheel today to check the spokes. Pretty much every one was so loose I could finger tighten over a turn per spoke. I pulled the tire off and stripped the rim tape out, then dropped the wheel into another frame and went all the way around tightening spokes, checking for true against a strip of cardboard I taped across the chainstays. Found the axle-nut on the cassette side was a little loose so I snugged that up. Replaced the rim tape, put the tire and tube back on it, remounted it on the beast and went for a test run.

After about a ten minute ride, I pulled over and checked them again only to find they were almost all loose again. Went around the rim and tightened them all up and rode home. They stayed firm for the run home, but I had to true the rim a bit more, it still had a slight warp making it rub the brake pad once per turn. I'll take it for another ride tomorrow, and see how it does.


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