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Default Re: V belt, How buy?

Originally Posted by Tool Maker View Post
The inside diameter of the belt is meaningless.

Belts are measured at the gauge line that is just below the Top surface of the belt.

Are your pulleys wide enough at the top of the Vee to hold a 17/32 wide belt? The wider belt rides up higher, so it uses a larger belt.

If you have an old V belt, you can cut it then wrap it around both pulleys for a measurement. Pull it snug, and where the 2 ends overlap, draw a line across the back of both pieces in a straight line. Then lay the belt out flat & measure between the two marks. That is the closest measurement you will get.

There was a tip in a car book just a month ago. Do like ToolMaker says and when you get it to fit thke a staple gun and put a couple staples in it, then you can take it to the store and get one just the right size.........Curt
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