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Default Re: V belt, How buy?

For a while on and off in the past I was without a welder, so this meant sometimes I could have made things easier and better if I had a welder available all the time.

My jack shaft brackets for the pillow bearing holders could have been made much better, but I have so much time already invested in them, I am leaving it as is. The problem I was at first concerned about was that for adjustment the slotting lengthened the area that already was thinned out to allow the bellow bearings to not hit the bracket which the holder was mounted on.

For fear of the slotting taking too much of the overall metal in the bracket away, I beefed it up by welding a thicker one side to make up the difference. Working with what you have available at the time is just the way it is, but we get by anyhow.

The adjustable pulley I am still really thinking of using in place of one of the pulleys that goes from my bottom jackshaft to the rear wheel drive pulley. This is so can tension the rear wheel drive belt.

I do not feel it right to adjust that belt by having the threads on the rear wheel axle anywhere but where it should be farthest back and tightened down. I may even weld over so there is no drop out and for removal you have to disassemble the hub. Or at least recreate what has already been done on kid bikes that will not allow the wheel to come off very easily without first removing a clip on both sides of the front and rear drop outs.

Cost for the adjustable diameter pulley well worth the safety factor!

Thanks for the hints all!


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