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Default Re: V belt, How buy?

Originally Posted by MEASURE TWICE View Post
I was careful to see if that equation worked so I measured the outside as you mentioned, but the equation worked quite well.

Calipers across the outside edge of the pulley or the teeth of a sprocket and the shaft bore diameter size and the distance between shaft centers may be easy to measure. This could pardon me, but not just measure twice (my handle), but measure different ways both correct, and use as an error checking (correlation).


4.48 Pulley with 5/8 Shaft

2.00 Pulley with 5/8 Shaft

Distance between both pulley shaft centers =
Distance outer edge of both shafts [ ( X shaft 1st pulley diameter) + ( X shaft 2nd pulley diameter) ]

In my case the Distance between both pulley shaft centers = 4

4.48 X (constant 1.57) = 7.0336

2.00 X (constant 1.57) = 3.1400

7.0336 + 3.1400 = 10.1736

2 X (Distance between both pulley shaft centers 4) = 8

10.1736 + 8 = 18.1736

This is what I heard and seem to work out nice. Something else just noticed and sort of unique: the 2" pulley times the constant 1.57 = 3.14 as that is Pi (Greek Letter for that constant that it is)


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