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Default Re: V belt, How buy?

Originally Posted by Tool Maker View Post
Chain auto parts stores have the belts listed by size, but the guy behind the counter does not know it.

Belts are listed by width & length in the part number. The width is described in 32nd inch increments. A 15/32" wide belt is a "15", a 17/32" wide belt is a "17", and so on. Odd numbered 32nd sizes are standard.

The length is also part of the part number. A 29" belt would be a "290". A 34 1/2" belt would be a "345"

So, a 15/32" wide 29" belt would be a 15290, sometimes listed as a 15-290, or they reverse the number (dayco) 29015. But the size of the belt is always buried in the part number.

The length of the belt is listed at the gauge line, which is about .100 below the top surface of the belt.
That's what I wanted. I knew there had to be a code for size in the part number. I plan to go back to AutoZone and educate them.
Meanwhile, I got some nylon string, and I plan to just wrap that around the pullies, heating it to seal it to itself. For this minimal amount of torque, it should work.
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