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Default Re: Where Can I Find A Locking Gas Cap?

Well, I filed open the slots in the gas tank's filler neck. It was MUCH easier than filing down the gas cap's cast tabs so that the cap would fall into place.

Walter, you're correct. It is not a twist-on cap, although the key and locking mechanism twist 90 degrees to secure the cap.

I'm done. It was well worth the $17 to me.

What's sweet with this cap is that besides securing the tank from jerks, the keyhole is not airtight. If you suck on the cap, there is a vent which will prevent vacuum lock. The problem I had was so bad that the new engine would quit working after a few miles of running. Jakesus on this site recommended loosening the cap for a few seconds, which worked each time the engine died. The new engine would restart in a few pulls until the next few miles and die again.

I renovated the entire fuel system by installing a Happy Time auxiliary tank and 3/16" steel lines which tap into both engines' 30-oz. tanks. I also removed the HT's fuelscreen and the tanks' fuel filters. That, and the vented cap should relieve the new engine's vacuum leak.
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