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Default Re: Ask a specific question

You got a homemade wood ruff key coming in the mail if the customs people will let it through to Canada. They might look at that letter with a lump in it kind of funny like. I hope I have enough postage on it. If not I don't know if it will come back to me or they will nail you. I hope they will get it to you. That was fun fighting a Bicycle motor on a motorized bicycle. We got to use these keywords as it will help get other people searching the web to find your little dark side forum. I need to do some posts with those words in the title. Any of you boys willing to help? We are soon going to be number ONE. The friendy Forum. I very glad you got the little thing to run now the fun begins the care and feeding of a 2-stroke bicycle motor or as some would say bicycle engine. Are we having fun yet?
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