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Default Re: Bicycle Motor Spark Problem?

Well I had a chance to run the bike yesterday. Well I hooked the black to black and the blue to blue from the coil to the motor and unhooked the killswitch coming off of the throttle completely. The bike runs poor for about 1-2 miles then once I hold it WOT it will accelerate run fine. I have the old GruBee kit (2006) with the PREMIUM CARB which I haven't seen anyone run. It doesn't fit on my manifold with out using electrical tape as a shim. I'm thinking that the carb is too big and is only good for WOT runs. This is not good because I haven't run but a sip of gas through it and have had several WOT runs. Ah ****, I'm fed up. I did buy the Happy Time Carb and Big Intake Manifold off ebay this morning. We'll see if that fixes this. Any inputs guys?
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