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Default Re: Ask a specific question

WE HAVE IGNITION !!!! I improvised with a cut nail. But then I noticed it did not rotate directly when you moved the bike wheel. So I took off the clutch plate and observed the clutch didn't rotate constantly. So after tightening the clutch (no directions) I put everything back together and IGNITION !!! It works great. Wouldn't you know it had to be something stupid like a clutch. I should have clued in when I was asked if it sounded like the motor was running when I peddled. Also the spark I observed was not constant which could have been another indicator. Apparently the clutch was tight enough to turn the engine with the plug out and no compression but too loose to crank the engine with the plug in and cylinder compression when I peddled. I have asked the dealer for the correct key. I don't think this was a factor but I don't want to be miles from nowhere and have my nail break. I wonder how many units are out there with small keys.

Thank-you everybody for your ideas and interest in getting this resolved. I don't think anybody will let a loose clutch cause them this aggravation.

Thanks so much and happy motoring........

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