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Default Bicycle Motor Spark Problem?

Well I got my Starfire 48cc engine on my cruiser. Well I hooked the magneto to the two matching wires (leaving the white wire off.) I then hooked up the little button coming off of the throttle to the white and then grounded it to the frame, as a kill switch. Well I ran the bike, but it doesn't run well. Sounds like its not detonating right and the button doesn't work. Well I unhooked the button wire from the white and ground and the bike wouldn't even hit. Hooked it back up and it ran the same. I can only get up to about 10-15 mph WOT and I'm sure something's up with the spark. I also replaced the stock wire off the magneto with a performance one from Cruiser and used the NGK plug. Any suggestion? Is my plug gap wrong? My plug reads a light brown, so I'm thinking carb is okay?
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