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Angry Re: Ask a specific question

Ok..lets review. After tightening the plug wires and replacing the plug cap I do have spark. The clip is on the third ring on the needle. I have taken the carb off the manifold and can see the needle go up and down when I twist the throttle. I have bought sealant and sealed the carb and manifold junctions....I do have splits and slots which I may grind down. I have sprayed starter fluid in carb and cylinder at seperate times with no results. I have taken the float apart just to confirm the carb is getting fuel. I have tapped the float, cussed, chanted, prayed and performed indian dance. I have done everything I can think of except pee on it which is next. I have peddled my ass off trying to start the thing and have yet to hear even a pop out of it.

Anymore thoughts ?
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