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Default Re: Ask a specific question

plug should be wet. where is the needle clip set. It probably should be second grove from the top. Also take a small hammer or screwdriver handle and tap the bowl of the carborator. And yes if you have fuel air and spark you should be firing.

a couple of things you should look at. take the carb loose from the manifold tube and work the throttle. You should be able to see the needle move down the manifold tube. If that is working you might have an air leak in the intake manifold tube. The safest way to stop that is to put some gasket seal around the tube before you slit it in the other part of the tube. I used an o ring but the gasket seal is safer the o ring could b sucked into the engine.

If that is all good, then check your manifold gasket. A leak there could do it as well. If you try everything else take the bolts off and put sealer on the gasket both sides and reset it.

I had an air leak and mine wouldn't start once. I made a new gasket from a cereal box but i put sealer on both sides. Keep us informed. We want to help you
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