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Default Re: Trying to figure out if it's worth it

Yes- a 36 or less REALLY cuts down on the revs in that range- since you are lightweight, if you arent riding very steep hills or mountains you'll have no problems- a 36 would take you up almost anything anyway-

I have a 34- a $30 investment that easily gets a 30 cruise, and the motor is starting to scream at 35, so I haven't pushed beyond, because

it IS a VERY PRACTICAL: hobby if you keep that approach in mind- I spent a couple of years finding out how I liked the bike- the bigger gear, 700c rolling wheels, bilet intake, perpendicular alloy handlebars, even a lighter better rolling 415 Trike chain- sound dampeners and a longer pipe

you can always go to a shift kit later, but try the basics first- build the "Chinese Junk" of motor transport

now I don't want to mess with it all that much- arthritis and tension- but I just save all kinds of miles and gas expense on the car. Happy Boating!

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