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Moved to Branson for work...I live full-time in my RV...don't like to haul a toad, so hoped to pedal to work here in the Ozarks...wrong...too many hills, and roads have no shoulders to walk...been thinking about a scooter, until I found this website...much prefer bikes...any suggestions: which forums to check out first...I have an old Huffy 8-speed (used to be 10-speed), but I think I'll buy a new bike for the engine...someone mentioned Genesis Onyx 29" at Wally's, 'tho there is a Target here...I need to check on local bike shops, but honestly, I do not see much biking going on around one walks...any preferences on which engine would do on this frame? Thank you all in advance. I'm looking forward to this project. Cheers!
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