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Originally Posted by fordie View Post
Hi there!! I'm in cold wet England!! Have just finished fitting the 70cc unit to my ancient Raleigh mountain bike (That was rotting away in one of my sheds!!) The whole transition went incredibly smoothly and the bike goes like a rocket. The only trouble being, that here in England we have so many stupid "nanny state" laws that, in theory, it's illegal to use it on the roads!

Fortunately I live in the depths of Suffolk, in a small village where we seldom see a cop car, so I've been out enjoing myself.......albeit with one eye constantly in the mirror! Have even managed to achieve 40mph, but then I do only weigh 68Kg!! Not bad for an aged 57year old hippie!!

On the downside, I constantly seem to destroy inner tubes, the last time in the dark, miles away from home & my wife away for the weekend.......what a time for two flats!! and what a time for a VERY long walk home.

What I really need is a two cable brake lever. I can't get one in this country, and I did e-mail Spookytooth for a price to ship one to me, but they never replied.

I think these motorised bike things are the best thing since sliced bread......I LOVE mine!!

Be lovely to hear from some of you "Yanks", you seem to have so much more fun than us!!
Hi Steve,

I am a 56 year old former hippie living in California. I started with this craze in July this year. I now have 2 bikes. One mountain bike and a beach cruiser. I ride one while I tear apart the other one to re-paint it or swap tires.

I haven't had a real hobby in decades, but this one has me by the balls. I think about it all day long. My garage is filled with motorcycles and motor bikes. My wife is beginning to worry about me. She's also afraid that someone will go into the garage with a lit cigarette and blow up the house.

Unlike England, California actuallly has a legal status for these kinds of bikes. I even have a license plate for one of them. I have been observed by many cops, but never stopped.

My major problem with the bikes is the brakes. The mountain bike has two rim brakes attached to one lever. It works fairly well unless you are going downhill at 30 MPH. It's a little scary.

The beach cruiser has coaster brake in rear and hand brake in front. This is a somewhat better stopping setup, but you have to have a very slow and gentle engagement of the coaster brake at high speeds. It will lock up on you if you muscle it too much.

Anyway, nice reading your story.
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