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Default Re: Untimely greetings

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Not one person has said this would or even could work. So naturally I am gonna build it.
Whats the worst that can happen.

guy who does ultralights; "Well gravity would keep you in your seat 99% of the time... it's that sudden patch of turbulence or that rough landing where you would be glad to have seat restraints. Wouldn't be any fun getting knocked off in the air, or while on the ground for that matter... especially with that whirling prop behind you."
There is a one-man, fuselage-less glider I have seen somewhere. Bit like a cross between a hang glider and a biplane.

Lemme see if I can find it. ...

Hah! Check this out:

Google Image Result for

(would be nice if the link weren't such a reckless waste of good electrons, hey?!)

So, it's not a glider, but I'm sure I've seen a glider version. Could adapt the idea to use a ChinaGirl bike or trike to get airborne for the glide... or could have several ChinaGirls powering props for air power....

Go for it!
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