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Thumbs up Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

I think...'s half the reason I do the motorized bicycle thing, to be different, the fun of a project, and sharing new ideas! I have plenty of fast stuff in the shop, and it's really fun when someone who knows me sees me on the motorized bicycle, they just give me a thumbs up while others around look and stare!

Reminds me of showing up at a local MX race on a "way" vintage moto, knowing I have no chance at winning, but that's not why I'm there, to win. I'm there cause I "can" be and that's all! Most guys are standoffish at first but when they realize they are "all" riding a cookie cutter motos and most of the cheers are for me even in last place they warm up real quick and wanna be see with the popular guy! I love it when they say: "Aren't you sick of getting beat by new modern 4 strokes?" I just say: "If you didn't get first today, you got beat by new modern 4 strokes, and your riding one so what's your excuse?"... LOL

The other half is I never cared what outsiders think, cause "this site" is where my real fun sharing friends are!

Remember... it was "Two Bicycle Mechanics" who taught the World... "How to Fly"
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