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Default guess I should introduce myself.

hello there!

for two whole years. I pedaled my way to work. Cursing the wind, rain and other elements that got in my way. after 2 years of this nonsense, I went out to a swap meet and bought a bike bug for 100 dollars. I brought it home, bolted it to my bike, and voila! I have to admit, it was great! that is, until winter came round. when I purchased the bike bug, it had been stored for a while which had made the rubber a tad hard. the rubber on the roller wore out in half an hour. I didn't mind much. it still had traction. the thing just SCREAMED due to the increased gearing reduction!! then came October. the smile was removed from my face as the first raindrop got between the now polished roller and the bicycle tire. the motor started going faster and faster...I was going slower and slower. the roller had minimal traction on the tire when it rained, the only way I could get the damn thing started was to go to the nearest gravel trail and push down on the roller HARD until the motor started spinning. my top speed was now 10 km/hr. I believe I coped with this for 2 weeks before I found this wonderful site! I bit the paycheck and ordered ordered a 66/80 cc kit. a couple months back, my dad cracked the frame on his lightweight aluminum road bike. the crack went all the way around the bottom bracket. he said the frame was f$#!ed, but I had second thoughts. i got the thing welded by a pro aluminum welder. when he was done, he handed me a frame and I handed him the beer. in case you are wondering the frame was not annealed. but I'm a light guy. when the motor arrived, I stayed up all night working on making my new vehicle. keep in mind I had to assemble the bicycle as well. it got motorcycle grips and controls, a high quality fuel filter, scoop air cleaner, and a new pipe. when it was complete. I could just barley lift the bike with one finger. and no that is not BS. (you can lift it with 2 fingers with a full tank of fuel) the thing goes like can feel the frame flex when you give it gas. the next day I went to buy a motorcycle helmet. the frame is holding up fine after about 150 km.

-Colin. so how can I post a picture?

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