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Default Re: Untimely greetings

Originally Posted by nogoodnic View Post
Welcome to the group CF. Its good to hear your up and running and probably wearing a big grinn every time you fire your bike up. Enjoy the ride...Kelly
Hey Kelly,

Thanks for the welcome.

You know, I think I do have a stoopid grin smeared all over my face when I hop on that bike.

I feel kinda like an outlaw, gettin' away with something that should be illegal. A motor bike that isn't! Hey, how's that for an advertising slogan: Ride the motorbike that isn't! Ahhh. Maybe it's not worth risking starting a business.

Anyway. I'm quite delighted to have figured out that this could be a viable, cheap, efficient way to and from work. By passing heavy traffic, heavy gas prices, parking fees, licensing / insurance costs and mechanics fees.

It blows my mind a little that this old and quite simple technology would find itself so ideally suited as a solution to a number of modern transportation problems!

I'm reminded of the old story that David slew Goliath with a lowly slingshot.

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