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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by breno View Post
did the no no due to having too much time on my hands and went the whole way back to the header.. exhaust wrap is on.

Off the bat it is running different. I think it may be too lean in the mid range so I'll play with that tomorrow.
Found that the exhaust wrap had def. made it run leaner but I have also lapped the head down and changed the plug to a BP6HS. The pic is after a wot run so Ill be going back to a 75Main jet in the 18mm mikuni and have a fiddle with the needle setting if needed.
Might even play with the pilot jet for the low end again just got a 15 pilot jet interested to see how it goes coming from the 20 as I can still see a little blue smoke just off idle and its not that smooth at 1/4 throttle when going slow. Failing that I'll be taking a file to the slide as I found out apparently I cannot buy different size needles and slides from the fella here in Australia due to them just being a "cheap" carb that is used for mini bikes and what not that ppl dont really go to that length of effort playing with short theres no market for him to keep them in stock..pita

Anyways tried to do a compression test last night and it was pretty much impossible with the crappy tester I had. Couldnt get a good enoough seal even with thread tape and tightening the **** out of it (I was using soapy water which was sprayed on to check for leaks). Ended up getting a highest reading of 140psi and I am still not confident that it wasnt leaking as I could see bubbles still. The 1st few times I tried I was only getting 75psi but I had a sneaking suspicion it was telling me porkies hence the soapy water method. Anyway anything over 140psi is good enough for me
The new style magneto should turn up tomorrow thank goodness.

Cant wait to have this bike 100% dialled in sooo dam close its eating at
Wont suprise me at all if it'll tip over 65km/hr with the 44 tooth if it does I'll have someone drive beside me and record it..keeping in mind I'm 6ft 5 and weigh 105kg should be a solid effort but I think its achievable.
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