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Default Re: This is priceless episode II

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Messin' around with these bikes I get to see a lot of cobblers' messes. Most of them aren't worth discussing...but once in awhile I run across one that is worth showing.

This customer drove all the way over from Orlando Saturday. He bought an Occ chopper and then , (unknowingly), paid some cobbler $325.00 to put an engine on it.

If this doesn't make you have NO sense of humor. I have no idea how this guy could have, in good conscience, built this.

Some people like JB weld, some people like duct tape...this guy loves large hose clamps!!!
MY GAWD I was gonna pick a favorite whot, but they keprt getting worse!!! wow! does he supply a gas mask for that exhaust? or is it a "high-riding-huffing" kinda hillbilly thing I'm not aware of?! and the chain on the brake arm?! priceless. holy hoseclamps batman we've found the 2011 build champion for mbks!!
The clutch cable is so bound-up, (form numerous kinks), that it is nearly impossible to pull the clutch lever. The throttle cable is also control...

To ride this would have to be prepared to change clothes every few miles, as the genius has the exhaust pipe pointing upward so that the rider can enjoy the full flavor of the ride.

The motor mount set-up is beyond comprehension. The chain/tensioner arrangement is also a disaster...the chain is running across one of the brake arms.

If you missed episode I...Here it is.

holy high heavan thats AWESOME! I havent laughed this hard in a coons age! I can't pick a favorite. does he supply a gas mask for that exhaust, or is it some kinda riding-high thing i'm not aware of?! wow.. thank you for this post hahahaha
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