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Red face Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Replacing a couple of spokes in the back wheel of the 50-

It's the one I've got bolted directrly to the flip/flop hub-

ADVICE HERE! If you use this procedure, I recommend a 36 spoke hub- I got this 32 700C wheel on craigslist used- and this is the second time I've had to replace broken spokes- two this time-

Don't think it has anything to do with the bolt on - the spokes don't touch the sprocket or a rag joint- it's just not enough spokes-

racing back in the 70s I always used 36 90%of time and had one 32 front I think- Just not enough with extra weight of motor AND 40 years! Through the years fewer spokes has gotten more popular for regular cycling- so they are selling a lot of 32 flip/flop hubs and wheels- TRY TO GET A 36!

Had the silver belle out instead-

a little trouble starting- thinking I need a new better rubber fuel line- THEN I choked it a bit- and that's the secret for now- fired right up like always- but in 3 years I've never used the choke- in fact it got turned on a few times and i wondered why I wasn't running good-

the original plastic fuel line is now very hard- so I'm going to replace it anyway- I don't think the flow is consistent across acceleration and back to idle- Been meaning to since report of fire and thick rubber hose will resist any flames longer- need filter too.

Getting up to 30 on that one about 3/4 open- it really purrs along with no vibration with the aluminum 34 sprocket

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