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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Last night I took my motorized bicycle for a trial run. I had installed an SBP HD freewheel, fixed my chain & tensioner, installed my tach, sealed the slip-fit connections on the Tanaka pipe.

One block from home, the bike threw the engine AND bike chain. I adjusted the Jump-Stop, but still throwing both chains. Engine chain was slipping off the tensioner, causing a very loose chain. After pedalling home, I disabled the tensioner, removed the front derailleur and shortened the engine chain. Sealing the pipes had raised the engine, so it was very difficult to install the chain. No half-links for 8mm chain, so it was either too loose or very tight. I opted for a very tight chain, hoping that it'd stretch and loosen up.

My ride to work was easy-going, using the sidewalk instead of fighting the very steep hill. Surprisingly, the bike pulls well on the sidewalk @ 10-15mph, whereas it would scream and/or lug between 20-25mph on that same hill. At the workplace ramp, I chose to climb slowly instead of charging up the ramp. Easily done. When I parked the bike, I noticed there was quite a bit of resistance pedalling. This was prolly due to the very tight engine drive chain.

I made it to work with no breaskdown, about 6 miles. The new freewheel has zero runout/wobble, compared to the .125" runout on the 4-bolt Chinese freewheels I normally used. What a difference!

I REALLY need to slacken the chain. It's prolly placing undue strain on the gearbox and freewheel.

Engine runs MUCH quieter now, and no oil leak @ the resonator-to-OEM muffler connection.
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