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Default Re: Im new and from chicago

And its a very easy and cheap motorbike too build in a day. Id love to explain every step that has to be taken.

Ive rode a non-clutch, direct drive or whatever bike like you speak of(Im sure ill build one in time, haha) and its not as scary as you would think. if you can't stop... put both your feet down and slow it down and lift the rear ass end up. or just jump off into grass. haha

It has a foot clutch and is spring loaded "ON". you put your foot on it and pull start her(or push start and "pop" the clutch). But the spring don't do any work you have to lift up and use the top of your foot to get it going. but the guy i sold it too for 40bucks reversed that so you put your foot DOWN and it takes off faster and easyer but wears the inner part of the v-belt.

As for the gear ratio. Its too big and has no low-end(32mph, id like 28mph ratio). So run and jump on it and get it going. pop that clutch and she goes no problem. As for just taken off from a stand still. You have to play with gas/clutch at perfect mix and "play with it".

Just jump on and go!

Anyone located in chicago land area???
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