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Default Re: A Mixte framed motorised bicycle for a lady.

Living with a disabilty of my own I can completely understand your need for a nice step through frame and a little motor assistance to help things along. Bicycles are a great hobby for anybody who needs to maintain a level of exercise to maintain their good health. Once I moved away from the city to the country and could safely ride a bicycle again my health improved no end and I needed a lot less medical interventions than before. Bicycles are gooood, I need to use a stick when walking, but once on a bike I feel free to go wherever I want.

This afternoon I made some final adjustments to the Mixte frame with the 'Adjustatron' (2x3 inch length of timber) to get the Chinagirl fitting nicely without the headfins rubbing on the twin diagonal frame tubes. It all looks nice and neat now and I managed to get all the bends smooth and even so the frame doesn't look like it's been levered about with a baulk of timber (which it was!).
Next thing to do is to completely strip down the frame and do a spot of welding to properly brace up the 'adjustments' I've made. After that I should do a trial assembly of all the Rudge parts onto the Mixte frame to make sure everything fits properly. I will have the trusty BSA coaster brake hub on the back wheel and as to the rest of the brakes I'm not entirely sure as yet. Rod brakes would be absolutely ideal, but I'm all out of rod brake spares at the moment and I'm certainly not going to rob them from any of my other bikes.
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