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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

I have more depot work to do but the throttle and carb are working.

Here is the thread

I have to re-loctite the screws on the engine mount or do something different with "something different" working it's way forward. I'm thinking of adding some hard rubber. You have to see my chosen mount style to understand but I can shoot some pictures and post.

So I still have some maintenance to get done but hey, this bike, just rode 2000 miles in 70 days or so.
Not bad.

On the chart of mods are the mud flaps, the front rack and possibly a spring loaded tensioner mod.
I could move the set forward and tack weld since this seat mount and this seat are not a perfect match.

Also not forgotten is the bicygnals mod in limbo. That keeps getting pushed back.

I'm trying to find a place for the new AirZone bottle. Hey that Air Horn uses plastic pop bottles for the air tank!
I am trying to mount a 1.5L as my air tank now.

Yeah so it was over 2000 miles total and day after day. I rode to Bronco Winery for grape crush.
All in all it was an adventure. I rode by the clear of the morn and the full moon for a few days. I also had two major failures. One was the Magneto went and the other I forgot to fill the tank that day.
Lucky I got rides for me and the bike each time.

I'm cleaning and re-doing things. I hope to have some nice shots after this "depot maintenance" I am doing.

So if you like check out the link on the Dellorto carb. So far do good but check again later to see how I like it after a good long ride which is coming soon.
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