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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
I checked a skyhawk manual online that had my type of setup. The black wires from motor and cdi were connected, as were the blue, but the red/yellow was connected to black and the green was connected to the blue. I tried it this way and still no go.

I dont think I am gettign a spark. how can i check if I am getting a spark? if I am getting a spark i will replace my spark plug, if not I will replace my hose and cdi (probably fried it if i get no spark).
The red/yellow and green should come from the kill switch. You have them connected correctly. Take those two wires off, this will remove the kill switch from the equation. Then see if you have spark. Not uncommon for the kill switch to be defective from factory or just go ka---poot, as in non working. need to upgrade the plug and wire if you haven't already done so.
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