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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Goat look around for a free "Instep" tarailer I use it for when I go get groceries In fact Im gearing up to go out in 20 weather I will hopefully hook up my trailer get some milk and a few other essential items [/I]
I can definitely understand 20degree weather being a bummer! At some point I am way better off just plain ol peddling to stay warm. lol. Can't hold on to a bike and go straight down the street shivering so hard to even hold on to it!

I have the balance of a circus bear at a pretty good pace like this.Years of peddling and playing hard has left me fairly well familiar and muscled for it I guess. I use my king size forks like a trailer. It prolly helps that I am pretty tall too. My center of gravity is not that alarming to me at all. The bigger forks for me make the bikes I ride fit my stature.

For me the big plus side of that equation is I coincidently get sweet tire clearance to do the likes of this.

I usually stop by the store fairly frequently this is a nice show off load. lol

Pict of the currant BoXer bike. I had small forks on this one. What I mean is the forks will not clear for a monster tire. Other than that this thing is so smooth on the cities rough bumps I love it. Lower Lumbar honestly just gets a message.

This bike works great I just travel the city with it. The next bike will be totally pimped out wheel wise. Gotta take it a day at a time eventually a well intended plan will come together lol.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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