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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Threw my new S6C L/C Morini motor in my back pack and road my BoXer bike across town to one of my buddies house's to show it to him. He had not road his M.B. in two months and needed a little inspiration he had repairs to his truck that needed doing. I let him ride the BoXer that set the mood and we got his H.T. back going.

Have not had to add any air what so ever to my said rear tube it is rock hard and steady. I love Slime its been over 15 gallons of gas now.

I got my Large Marge rims coming in tomorrow Vy UPS for my custom 24'' wheels I will be building and I found some Killer hella thick motorcycle tubes to use on them coming UPS as well. I am guessing that I will have the new BoXer bike up and running in the next two weeks.
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