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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Had an issue with motor not getting spark once After swapping everything in the ignition system out (magneto, CDI) and after pulling the plug and seeing a little spark, I was at my wits end so I went the direction of fuel being the issue.....swapped the carb for a new one even drained the gas and put newly mixed gas in it....still no start....its always the last darn thing you do that corrects the problem right? the only thing I didnt swap was the plug one off of the Kawisaki ZRX 1200R I wrecked 2 years ago and wouldnt you know it fired right I cant get over the the crap that comes on these china girls...down to the POS spark plug wire....oh well live, tinker, and learn theres a quality plug wire on it now
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