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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Hey Everyone!

I have had a bummer experience with my Carb. I believe I want to get a better carb.

I am reading the Dellorto Carb for China Bike Motor from Pirate is a good one.

Now on that site it says 14:12 and in the fine print below the main large text it suggests if one has an expansion to jet up and if one has a 15:15 jet down.

What is jetting up? I see a 5mm and a 6mm advertised.

It's been a bad day. The cable came out of the new throttle cable by pulling the wire out of the lead. Bad Crimp I guess.
I also feel like I want a better carb than a $20 one (ebay NT type)

So Two Questions: 1.) will a 14:12 run well with an expansion? I may want to get rolling soon but I could change jets with some guidance.

Anyway I can stand some feedback before I spend that much money.
Dellorto Carb for China Bike Motor

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