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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Hey Friends.. I see many new folks saying hi in this forum.. Welcome y'all.

If any of you think working on your own bike is too hard think again. The only hard thing is the learning curve but it gets easier as we accumulate experience and confidence.

My Update:

My 7 day a week job is over for the season. I now have time to "Depot" the bike and make modifications that require ( and demand ) a relaxed day where I take my time to enjoy a little quality time with my Bike.

I have named my Bike and look forward to a name plate. The name is "The Independent."

Lets see, the mods on the list are the Bicygnals mod that is still here on the desk and needs to get finished.
After that there is the mud guards mod and the front rack mod ( the bike can stand a little more front wheel weight and a permanent tool kit rather than my backpack )

I just ordered a replacement throttle and a kill switch from Sick Bike Parts so that (broken) OEM throttle from the kit I originally bought has broken, it is not allowing the carb to relax and idle right. The internal "hook" where the cable used to link is torn and the cable "hangs" up enough to allow me to ride.

Now that I have a couple weeks of time and I am revitalized with a schedule mentality I hope to apply some of this "effort" I make for others for pay to my own life.

After I get these things on and clean the bike I want to take pictures and post.
The 21 speed hardware is also not needed any more so that can come off amd clean up the handle bars.

Lets see, also I have two blue LED's to mount so that as I ride the engine area is lit blue.

I have red in the wheels from the "SpokeLit" red light so Blue on the engine will look cool.

Well there is Beer in the fridge and tunes on the radio so i have a mandate to do some quality Motor assisted Bicycle maintenance.
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