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Originally Posted by socialdistortionkid View Post
I bet more than likely you could have shipped your pipe to SBP and they would have fixed it. At least that's what a good company should do. If you can prove that it wasnt user error you should be able to get some help from Jim he is good.
Hey no complaints here. I am pointing out that 25 miles a day @ 30 mph or so on rough rutted roads will beat the carp out of everything... That stinger is not heavy duty attached. It's just that simple.. And I re-riveted it!!!

As for function it functioned well until that faithful day when.....

So it's just what it is and not a scene in a new drama play...

On to the fix..

Okay the muffler was the 1/2 inch muffler and obviously their TIG welding sux because I still have the nipple but not the muffler..
Tractor supply didn't have another 1/2 inch muffler and I happen to have bought the 3/4 inch flexi pipe at the hardware store.. SOOOOOO... I bought the 3/4 inch large muffler and will cut off that left over 1/2 inch "nipple" tomorrow when I have two hours of day light after work.
I have a 3/4 inch black iron nipple and all should be well enough.

I will wire things on the frame with some safety wire to start with and if I am satisfied I will look to buying some clamping or other mount.

I need to say that the SBP expansion is still killer just that without the stinger it is now killer loud.. LOL

Okay then.. Pictures tomorrow and hopefully an easy and quick fit up and weld..

Keep on riding!

Oh BTW is it just me and the latest Mozilla or is everyone seeing the Smilies tweeking out and blinking out and on.

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