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Default Re: Thruster Fixie? Noob Diving!

**** AW. I knew that and forgot that... hmmm I might not be opposed to adding a single speed freewheel to the mix since the other side will still be fixed right? It does look like a flip flop hub- I think.

Where I live it's pretty much all flat and am not planning a move anytime soon so I'm not worried about other speeds. My 150cc scooter passed away last month and twice I had to walk it home quite a distance before she finally gave out. As long as I can pedal her home I'll be happy. Plus I'm not in a mad rush so modding time isn't an issue.

I just bought an engine on ebay! Woohoo! How exciting! A noobs life for me

I'll edit here since my pic posts haven't posted yet then I'll run silent. Promise. From what I can tell this is a tamed Kent Takara Kabuto fixie selling for 199+ minus the drop down handle bars and souped up pedals. Not 100% sure. I'm off to Wally this morning to pick it up. Will switch out the cheesey brakes for some I took off a trek a few years ago and start modding away!

Anyway, good to be here! Haven't had this much bicycle thinking fun since I rebuilt my Nishiki International a ways back.

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