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Default Re: New to motrized bikes, considering a push trailer build.

Gave up looking for a cruiser since I'm too picky, one will pop up. I have an old aluminum Vertical full suspension mountain bike I'm going to use. A push trailer will push it and I already have it so it's a no brainer. Got a HF 6.5 blue clone today along with a 1970 K&S Hornet minibike and I just cant bring myself to use an OHV in it. I have a few Tecumseh engines for that. I do however think the blue clone is too much engine for my push trailer, and since I can barely pedal due to health I plan on a 3.5 briggs for reliability. So soon the build will start, well once the temp drops below 100 degrees daily I will. I went back to a seatpost mount because I've devised a very good hinge setup IMO that I will soon share with you guys. Plus a quick release system, controls and all. I will post again when I have some actual progress. The Machine Asylum Out!
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