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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Bummer issue here.

I used some wire to hold the "arm" of the coaster brake and that didn't hold while I was testing the stopping action this morning. I hit 33 mph and simulated a Disc brake failure.
The arm spun around and for a moment the peddles locked up as well.
I couldn't do anything about it so I didn't use the brake the rest of the way to work and back but the wheel came loose as in the peddle drive gear side backed out and the wheel could wobble.
I see that the peddle gear side has a nut that looks to be a locking nut and that the gear itself has a special nut that looks to take a very thin wrench.
I also understand that on the brake arm side that the nut that tightens down there is for adjusting the breaking action so it is designed to not be tight.

I have not used a coaster brake since I was 12 I believe and then I didn't work on it at all.

So what do I do to adjust this wheel back to running shape? I mean the proper thing to do.
Again I have had to use wire to hold the arm because of how things are but the wire being used now will not come apart so easy. I will continue to look for a better solution but this will function for now.

is the wheel
This is the ad on pirate 26" CB-110 Wheel and sprocket adapter. (Pick your Sprocket)

Edited to reflect what I have learned thus far.

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