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I bought a wheel from Pirate and it;s a good looking 12 gauge Stainless Steel spoke unit.
I ordered the 36T sprocket and Wow it is wicked fast. I had to borrow a wheel with a 48 tooth sprocket and was basically running at 18 mph for a week.
So tomorrow is the maiden run to work and back for this new set-up.

I now have a rear coaster brake. Let me say it throws my balance off to hit that but if I have to lay it down or run out into traffic I have to admit it's the thing that will allow me to slide it down to the pavement if I lean it over hard.
Not the kind of scenario we want to think about.. you know road rash and all but it's better than running in front of an 18 wheeler.

The real change for me is that after breaking four spokes on my OEM wheel on my Giant boulder after 1300 frame miles I had to borrow a friend's wheel off his boulder that he doesn't ride any more. The rent of it is an 18 pack..
The wheel I borrowed has a "rag-joint" adaptor on an OEM Giant Boulder wheel and that is size 48T.
I am not disrespecting a wheel that kept my perfect attendance record on the new job but 18 mph is not the best speed to do 12 miles each way in my opinion.
I expect to travel at 28 mph tomorrow with the same effort of the RAW that it made for 18.

I'll see about posting some pictures when I know the results of this latest hardware mod Pirate Cycles
I went with the 36 tooth since I ride on the flats mostly.
I also went single speed on the peddle side where I was 21 speed.. I used the smallest drive sprocket and the provided wheel sprocket size..

I'll know more after tomorrow.

I still have my bicygnals hack on the list so keep an eye open.

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