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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

1.when riding in motor mode on a multi speed bike, its better to use a higher gear, if its a 7 speed and you ride in 7th gear all the time the bearings in the freewheel will wear out much quicker, first gear would be best to 3rd or 4th would be reasonable.

2. if you replace the stock engine mounts with higher quality ones and mount the engine well the little m6 screws are still not adequate, you hit a nice sized bump or maybe a few there eventually gonna break, you MUST reenforce your mounts with something or better yet devise an entirely separate mounting technique.

3. a nice quality epoxy that dose not desolve in gas and is not broken down easily by sunlight or heat has its uses. For example it can effectively be used as a simple and easy way to construct some mount adjustment hardware and is also useful to add additional strength to an already reenforced mount. An epoxy putty is useful to keep in your bag for temporary roadside repair purposes. Obviously it would be a mistake to glue your engine to your bike with epoxy and try to hit the road, try that and you'll probably die.

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