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The RAW is over 500 miles now.

I have been using my Kiddy Kart trailer to haul my work stuff but to my surprise the trailer is not that well made. It has nice aluminium tubing around the the trailer that is visible but under the trailer where the axil is, it is thin steel tube which was welded to other thin steel tubes. Simply put this is not a design that will hold up to metal fatigue. I wouldn't trust it to haul children which is what it's sold for.

The other issue is Zinc spokes. I have three broken spokes from yesterdays ride. So that means I need a rebuild but I must travel 7 days a week because I work 7 days a week until November. This leaves me to get a rush build of a new wheel and to have my friend put on a sprocket. I hope this work out.
It wouldn't be life if things weren't exciting. I'd rather not have the spokes breaking but there it is.
The new wheel will have stainless steel spokes so they should last a little longer. I will rebuild this wheel with the thicker spokes once I am riding on the new wheel.

So I ride 25 miles a day, 7 days a week and will ride about 2500 miles before this seasonal job comes to an end.

Simply put this is an endurance effort. The outcome is unknown..

Speaking of that.. It's time to go because I will be riding slower and safer today.
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